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These photos and videos are two projects built by other people but I was approached by the owners asking if I could carry out leak repairs.


basement sump This is a short video of the sump and the pumps that fail from time to time because of the massive workload.

It really does seem as if the contractor covered up the leaking concrete with drainage membrane having done nothing to improve the terrible work or reduce the leaks.

leaking basement

leaking basement

The drainage membrane over the floor is still down, as well as any insulation and the floor screed over it.

So this area is leaking, probably worse lower down, over an area over a foot high.

leaking basement

This is a concrete pile that was not covered over, as no doubt it should have been.

leaking basement

leaking basement


This basement was poured early during 2018. I was asked to carry out leak repairs before the structure advanced much further.

leaking basement repair This short video was taken by and sent to me by the house owner.

He told me that they used a water resistant concrete from Cemex and the Fosroc hydrophylic joint strip that Cemex recommended.

But water is pouring through this corner.

Before the owner contacted me he had made matters slightly worse by putting shingle behind the leak before he backfilled, which will be delivering more water even faster.

Obviously the reinforcing steel or the shutter were in the wrong place because there should be concrete covering the steel reinforcement.

It would be my guess that the hydrophylic strip had already fully swollen, far too early, before the wall concrete was poured. When the team failed to compact the concrete properly around the hydrophylic strip it was unable to expand any further. Completely useless and a waste of money.

Frankly, these leaks are due to poor workmanship in turn due to no supervision.