waterproof concrete


A little bit of cement for a lot of money.
  It could not be clearer.

Buy Triton TT Super Admix and you are buying some cement.

BBA certificates have figures for water permeability.

The Concrete Society had the idea of plotting them all on a chart. We have done that as well. But we have also included some best guesses. For instance, only the Caltite certificate has no figures for compressive strength.

The BBA appears to have added Caltite to a concrete that, even with the Caltite in, is still more permeable than typical structural concrete and all the other concretes they later added other admixtures to.

They added Sika admixture to concrete that even with the product in was not as resistant to permeability as the plain concretes other admixtures were added to.

The concrete Pudlo was added to outperformed all the others even before the Pudlo was added.

waterproof concrete