waterproof concrete

Free Guarantee.

Our Guarantee is that there will be no visible ingress of water through the structure, whether through concrete or joints.

No one else offers such a useful guarantee.

This means we are unique guaranteeing workmanship - ours and yours as well.

Subject to entirely reasonable terms and conditions.

We build basements ourselves and have done so since 2005. Over that time we have developed methods that always work.

The only guarantee we give is our free guarantee - in return for all our products and services appropriate to your job.

We are so confident that your work won't leak that we cannot justify charging a penny for the guarantee.

Legal bits:
  1. We will have to approve your formwork including the height of each pour. We might want to be paid for an extra visit to do this.

  2. You must use and pay for our powerful plasticiser, our supervision, poker hire, rods and nuts and anything else we tell you is necessary for success.

  3. You, your design team and your workforce must have followed our direction and supervision throughout.

  4. You must buy and use the concrete mix we describe throughout all the work you want to be free of leaks. See the home page for the mix design.

  5. The guarantee is a personal guarantee only, by Phillip Sacre only,

    1. to stop any visible ingress of water through the concrete we treated with our powerful plasticiser

    2. to stop any visible ingress of water through joints between concrete elements treated with our powerful plasticiser

    if you followed every condition published on this web site or linked to from this web site.

  6. There must be no money outstanding. All invoices must be paid.

  7. Note. If you claim you have a leak and Phillip Sacre visits site with repair tools and materials only to find that all you have is condensation, a charge of £400 plus travel will be invoiced and must be paid.

  8. The site of any water leak must be easily accessible, with working room and power available, be a safe area and not covered over (for instance by plasterboard or cables), have sufficient ventilation and it must be acceptable that we make a mess chiselling out hard concrete and mixing up repair compounds with water. The area we use for repairs will need a final clean by yourselves afterwards. The purpose of this clause is that no unfair advantage is made of this free guarantee.

  9. If you have any condition that hinders Phillip Sacre from carrying out repairs then the guarantee must be void.

  10. Unlike Caltitie and Pudlo, and no doubt many others, the value of repairs is NOT limited to the value of materials purchased.
Phillip Sacre has been offering and honouring this same guarantee to his basement customers for years.

He has carried out repairs on a little under 20% of projects over the past 5 years. Most have been very minor. For instance, some repairs are described during this Youtube video about alternative energies here.

We believe that our guarantee is the only genuinely useful guarantee in the marketplace.

If you think differently, then insist on a copy of the guarantee from whomever you prefer to specify.

You will find, I believe, that Caltite, Pudlo, Sika and so on will make all manner of excuses and not provide you with their actual wording.

Kryton is the only publicly available guarantee we have seen. We reproduce it on our Kryton page under 'Others examined' in our menu above. It excludes absolutely everything you would want from a guarantee.

I hear engineers tell me that Caltite is the Rolls Royce of waterproofers. Yet if you truly understood their BBA certificate you would know it is evidence (other academic evidence is available) that Everdure Caltite does not work beneath ground where it cannot fully dry.

And their guarantee, reproduced on our page about Caltite, just like Kryton's, excludes absolutely everything you would want from a guarantee.

If Caltite is considered the Rolls Royce then Pudlo might be considered the Bentley. But it's BBA certificate proves only that it made concrete more watertight when they reduced the water cement ratio as well as adding about 8kg of cementicious powder. The BBA certificate for Pudlo provides no evidence that the concrete used on site will be waterproof as a result of adding Pudlo powder.